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A Dragon Age Rating Community

A Dragon Age Stamping Community
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Hello! Welcome to da_stamping, a rating/stamping community for the BioWare series Dragon Age! To participate, join the community and fill out the application below. BUT BEFORE YOU DO THAT, please follow these rules:

1. Please be nice. No snarky comments or insults towards anyone. Why would you come here to do that?
2. For the love of all things beautiful and wonderful, try not to make yourself sound like a certain character you want to get. What's the fun in that? Just be honest! And try to be as detailed as you can about yourself. The more info, the more accurate we can vote.
3. Please vote at least four unstamped before you post yours. It keeps the community flowing and everyone will eventually get a stamp!
4. When you do vote, please try to explain why you have voted for that character. Not asking for a huge explanation on why they are like a certain character or anything, but at least a reason like "you are similar to ____ because..." etc.
5. Try not to vote for a character just because several other people have voted for the same one. Read the app and form your own thoughts. Would you not want the same to be done for you?
6. If you are not satisfied with your stamp, feel free to reapply after at least two weeks before you post another app.
7. To make certain that you have read this, mention something about Grey Wardens in your subject line before posting your app.
8. Don't forget to type your app in HTML, and not in rich text.
9. And don't forget to bold your votes. Makes counting them easier.
10. You will be stamped when you have five votes for the same character or after four weeks of posting. :D
11. The regular application below refers to playable companions only. Please see this list here.
12. Voting on an app that already has five votes for the same character will not count. Please vote on those that need them ;_;

Themes in progress:
- Mirror: Which character do you resemble the most?
- Matchmaker: All hell breaks loose. Which character is the perfect match for you?
- Best Friend: Opening up a can of worms here... Which character is your BFF? :D
- Darkspawn: Which darkspawn are you? Genlock, Hurlock etc.
- Specialization: Which specialization (and thus, class) are you?
- NPC: Which NPC (temporary companions included) are you?
- Origin: Which origin are you?
- Voice Set: Which voice set do you sound like? (This maaaay require a mic/video.)
- Voice (Characters): Which character do you sound like?
- Any suggestions? PM me!

The application:

Current Theme: Matchmaker!
You cannot link to votes that you have used for your regular application. Please vote on new applications! It keeps the community flowing.

Contact the mod:
LJ - honorableshadow
AIM: spiritflyswatter

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